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MyApartmentMap processes hundreds of thousands of apartment listings to generate extremely accurate rental statistics. Every day we crawl the web to find new, verified listings. We scrub and clean the data so only update-to-date and valid apartment listings are included in our calculations.


Average Rents by State


Darker colors indicate higher average rents. This map is based on prices gathered within the last 30 days.

Map of rents in the United States

US Average Rent by Bedroom

The average price of studio, one, two, and three bedrooms apartments averaged across the United States.

Average rent for studio to 3 bedroom apartments

Distribution of Pet Friendly Apartments

The percentage of apartments that allow either cats or dogs compared to the rentals that do not allow any pets.

graph of apartments that allow pets

About this Data


Where does this data come from? We crawl the web everyday looking for apartments for rent. This data is not merely a reflection of the current apartments listed at MyApartmentMap due to the fact that we wanted to include as many listings as possible.

How up to date is your rental data? We add new data points every single day and compile new statistics. All averages, unless specified otherwise, are based on the previous 30 days active apartment listings.

How do you "clean" the data? This was our biggest problem when developing the rental data algorithm. It was easy to find lots of apartment listings but determine what listings were duplicates, spam or outdated, was a significant issue. Our algorithm can learn to detect spam and identify duplicate listings across multiply sources.

Can I use your data on my website? Sure! We developed the rental data to not only help our own users but to provide accurate rental data to the real estate community or anyone who finds it useful. Each location in which we offer rental data has a link with information on how to use our graphs on your website. However, we require that you attribute MyApartmentMap as the source of the information. Substantial resources are required to compile and offer the data for public use.

Can I download all of your rental data? If you would like to use our rental data in a way that is beyond what is offered on MyApartmentMap, please contact us and we'll be happy to speak with you.

State Avg Change
Alabama $812 ($5)
Alaska $1,356 ($7)
Arizona $1,399 ($6)
Arkansas $786 ($4)
California $2,327 (-$8)
Colorado $1,489 (-$19)
Connecticut $1,576 (-$9)
Delaware $1,118 (-$10)
Florida $1,705 ($25)
Georgia $1,118 (-$21)
Hawaii $2,597 ($48)
Idaho $866 ($13)
Illinois $1,426 (-$11)
Indiana $845 (-$4)
Iowa $831 ($8)
Kansas $882 ($10)
Kentucky $844 (-$2)
Louisiana $1,047 (-$9)
Maine $1,302 (-$87)
Maryland $1,438 (-$9)
Massachusetts $2,184 ($21)
Michigan $993 (-$10)
Minnesota $1,162 (-$9)
Mississippi $795 (-$8)
Missouri $965 (-$10)
Montana $977 ($42)
Nebraska $942 (-$7)
Nevada $1,037 ($10)
New Hampshire $1,445 (-$13)
New Jersey $1,878 ($11)
New Mexico $917 (-$1)
New York $2,683 (-$77)
North Carolina $968 ($7)
North Dakota $1,035 (-$1)
Ohio $870 ($0)
Oklahoma $811 ($1)
Oregon $1,434 (-$9)
Pennsylvania $1,256 ($13)
Rhode Island $1,493 ($34)
South Carolina $1,002 ($3)
South Dakota $840 (-$1)
Tennessee $1,007 (-$6)
Texas $1,239 (-$2)
Utah $1,088 (-$12)
Vermont $1,928 ($88)
Virginia $1,337 (-$2)
Washington $1,593 ($1)
West Virginia $869 ($12)
Wisconsin $1,003 (-$24)
Wyoming $843 (-$17)
note: rents calculated with 2 bedroom apartments