MJ Rymut

A Real Estate Broker at Sharon Realty

MJ Rymut

Sharon Realty

A Real Estate Broker based in New Bedford, MA

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I have been a Licensed Real Estate Broker for many years. For the past three years I have been helping Landlords place tenants in their apartments as well as matching prospective tenants in an apartment. I have a passion for helping people in this field of work and have developed an outstanding reputation with past clients. I have also worked with various agencies and programs to place tenants.

As a Prospective Tenant, contacting me through this web site or call 508-951-5777. I will send you an Information Sheet so you will know what to bring to your appointment. After you have seen the apartment and want to take the next step, only then will I need your information and a small fee for a eviction and credit check in order to qualify you. I will give your completed file to the Landlord for final approval. On acceptance by the Landlord, I will schedule an appointment for the tenant to meet with the Landlord so you can sign a Lease or Month-to-Month Agreement, pay first, last, and/or security deposit, then you will get your keys to move right in.

MJ Covers: Swansea, MA, Somerset, MA, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, Bristol Community College, Westport, MA, North Dartmouth, MA, New Bedford, MA, Fall River, MA, Fairhaven, MA, Dartmouth, MA, Acushnet, MA

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