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A Real Estate Agent at Town Residential

Ronnie Shumake

Town Residential

A Real Estate Agent based in Manhattan, NY

Top National Expert Top Expert in New York Gold Level Expert Community Professional Top Expert in Downtown Top Expert in Gramercy Top Expert in East Village Top Expert in Greenwich Village Top Expert in West Village Top Expert in Tribeca Top Expert in Lower East Side Top Expert in New York City, NY


“As we are all unique individuals, if you still want to see more places, I’ll gradually lead you until we reach that point where it does feel right,” says Ronnie Shumake, a real estate professional who has lived in New York City his entire life. When you combine Shumake’s local knowledge with his intuitive talent for finding properties moments after they enter the market, you have an experienced agent who is talented enough to make a nomad settle down. One would think that Shumake’s phone is the Yellow Pages for the city because of how many connections he’s made. With insiders reporting to him about the ongoings of real estate in the city, Shumake sees virtually everything that happens in the city at any given moment. Many of his peers consider him to be a lion in the city’s jungle, pouncing on even the most evasive properties. He is proud to have a team fluent in many languages that can help any client, and the one language they all speak is success. Also, having been a part of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in a marching band, Shumake has shown the city not only his real estate prowess, but his musical skills as well, proving how multi-talented he is. Shumake works for Town Residential, where the customer always comes first, and the competition finishes in dead last.

Ronnie Covers: Williamsburg, West Village, West Side, Upper West Side, Upper East Side, Tribeca, Murray Hill, Lower East Side, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, Gramercy, Forest Hills, East Village, Downtown, Queens, NY, New York City, NY, New York, NY, Manhattan, NY, Brooklyn, NY

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