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Peter Goldman

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A Real Estate Agent based in Los Angeles, CA

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My experience is unsurpassed. I have been placing renters into apartments in the Greater Los Angeles metro area for close to 15 years now. My specialty is high end rentals, but I will not turn down a prospective renters, regardless of their situation. I enjoy my job and love seeing my clients happy.

Working with me is fairly straight forward: You will fill out a credit application, we will then determine the amount of rental you can afford. From there, we will determine what you are looking for in terms of an apartment and if there is a particular area or neighborhood you prefer to live in. I will do the legwork.

Peter Covers: South Gate, CA, Maywood, CA, Los Feliz, CA, Los Angeles, CA, Lincoln Heights, CA, Huntington Park, CA, Hollywood, CA, East Los Angeles, CA

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