James Mercure

A Real Estate Agent at Hecht Group

James Mercure

Hecht Group

A Real Estate Agent based in New York University

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James Mercure is a son of New York City, as he is originally from here and has continued his relationship with the city by helping others experience its majesty. Mercure is known for his professional, charming, sincere, and charismatic personality and demeanor. He is very dedicated to his craft because he always strives for self improvement, and won’t stop until he knows he has completely satisfied his clients. While doing so, he can release the stress of the process as he finds you a perfect home. Here’s a message from James:

Knowing how stressful and confusing an apartment search can be in NYC, a renter must be detailed, honest, and cooperative. Currently the vacancy rate in NYC is below 1%. Renters must be ready and possibly walk with all documents required such as last 2 paystubs, copies of IDs, job letterhead, copies of bank statements, and copies CPA letter or income tax return. Feel free to call me at 347.865.2637 for more information. Renters must also be aware that a lot of posts online can be misleading with fake prices and fake pictures. It is always better to find an agent that you can trust. Please call 347.865.2637 for more information.

James Covers: Gramercy, Teachers College at Columbia University, Saint John's University New York, Pace University New York, New York University, Columbia University, CUNY John Jay College Criminal Justice, CUNY Bernard M Baruch College

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