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Katrin Kalden

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A Real Estate Agent based in New York City, NY

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NY is tough. You have to be fast, super prepared and ready to make a decision in a split second. I will do my very best to find you not only the apartment you want but to help you close the deal in a timely manner with excellent docs!

You can either email or contact me by phone. I will then help you figure out what your price, size and location preferences are and tell you what the market has to offer. Be prepared to be open and flexible. I am a very honest person and will tell you if your expectations are off the market. It will only help you to set realistic goals. There are too many bate ads out there that totally misrepresent the actual market and sadly set false expectations. For me helping you is a team effort. My goal is to get you what you want within what you can afford in the context of the crazy NY market.

Katrin Covers: Williamsburg, Upper West Side, Tribeca, Greenwich Village, Gramercy, Downtown, West Village, West Side, West Side, Soho, Financial District, Downtown, Chelsea, Battery Park, New York City, NY

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