Jenna Mitchells

A Real Estate Agent at Knoxville Rental Agency

Jenna Mitchells

Knoxville Rental Agency

A Real Estate Agent based in Knoxville, TN

Top Expert in Tennessee

Jenna Mitchells is a real estate agent at the Knoxville Rental Agency. Jenna has been in the real estate market for over 15 years. She enjoys working will all types of renters such as college students, families, and the elderly. No matter what type of an apartment you are looking for, Jenna will find you the best apartment with the best deal.

Jenna takes great pride in her ability to find you an apartment of your dreams. All you have to do is come into our office, and Jenna will conduct a renter interview. During this interview she will be able to pin point exactly the type of apartment you are looking for. Why waste your time looking at apartments that will not suit your needs? So give Jenna a call or stop by her Knoxville office.

Jenna Covers: Strawberry Plains, TN, Seymour, TN, Rockford, TN, Powell, TN, Mascot, TN, Louisville, TN, Heiskell, TN, Corryton, TN, Alcoa, TN, Knoxville, TN

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