Rebecca Shultze

A Property Manager at High Desert Property Management

Rebecca Shultze

High Desert Property Management

A Property Manager based in Victorville, CA

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Hi, my name is Rebecca and I manage properties in: Victorville, CA Hesperia, CA Apple Valley, CA The properties I maintain are all owned by private companies and cater to single families. Whether you are looking for a stand alone unit or an apartment in a building or small complex, I have you covered.

The properties I maintain are located in an area that is collectively known as the High Desert. I have resised in Victorville, one of the larger metro area in the High Desert for quite some time. I have also been in the property management business for most of my adult life as well. My experiences in the area combined with my property management background all me to be a helpful resource for potential residents looking to move to the area.

Rebecca Covers: Victorville, CA, Shadow Hills, CA, Phelan, CA, Oro Grande, CA, Hesperia, CA, Helendale, CA, Apple Valley, CA, Adelanto, CA

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