Darren Praderio

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Darren Praderio

QuietSky Homes

A Real Estate Agent based in University of West Alabama

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I am Darren to my parents, Mr. Praderio to potential clients, and to my friends, well, just Dare. I'm new to being a Real Estate Agent and I figured this site would be good for me. I don't suppose I'm all that useful yet, but knowledge is power, and soon enough, I will be!

I'm sort of an apprentice type at the moment while I get my feet wet, but if you want advice or information from me, I'll be glad to help you however much I can, even if it takes me a couple days. I take my time, but the quality of work I do is much better! (Just ask my high school teachers; if it hadn't been two days late, it would have been an A+!)

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