Diane E. Phillips

A Property Manager at Shelwood Forrest

Diane E. Phillips

Shelwood Forrest

A Property Manager based in Tucson, AZ

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Shelwood Forrest is a privately owned, locally managed group of rental properties comprised of several 10 unit complexes and a number of single family homes. Full time maintenance and onsite managers assure the properties are maintained in the best order. We strive for our renters comfort and satisfaction to insure long term tenants.

The owners reside half the year in Arizona and half the year in Colorado. The owners have extensive experience in rental ownership. The management team live in the rental complex and the neighborhood full time. The management are active and involved in understanding the neighborhood, by participation in the neighborhood watch, and local real estate meetings.

Diane Covers: Samos, Richland Heights West, Midtown, La Madera, Hedrick Acres, Cherry Avenue, Campbell Grant, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

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