Roxanne Willard

A Real Estate Agent at Triumph-Liberty Real Estate LLC

Roxanne Willard

Triumph-Liberty Real Estate LLC

A Real Estate Agent based in University of Memphis

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Roxanne Willard, real estate agent at Triumph-Liberty Real Estate, advises, and represents renters and buyers of all kinds. She wastes no time securing you a new place to call your own. If you are serious about finding the best apartment for your needs, you will be happy to know that she is a very serious agent and her number 1 concern is to make sure you're happy.

The door is always open and Roxanne will answer any questions about any concerns regarding the purchase of your new apartment or home. She will find apartments and homes matching the needs of the renter/buyer and go out of her way to find the perfect place to come home to.

Roxanne Covers: University of Memphis

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