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James Everett Lewis


A Real Estate Broker based in New York City, NY

Top Expert in Cuny New York City College Of Technology Top Expert in Fashion Institute Of Technology Top Expert in New York University Top Expert in Little Italy Top Expert in West Side Top Expert in Morningside Heights


James Everett Lewis is a young Jedi in the real estate market. After blazing through the ranks at Halstead Property, he decided to take his talents elsewhere, and subsequently gave birth to Prime Property NYC. Lewis is also known for his photography, philanthropy, and uncanny ability to increase rent rolls in even the harshest economies (he increased them by a quarter in the Recession). He also represents and hangs out with some of the city’s most well-known celebrities. They can’t be named here because of privacy concerns, but suffice to say, Lewis is a big deal in the NYC housing market. Despite this, he still devotes intimate attention to each and every client, no matter if they’re a college student or a #1 Billboard artist named...

Contact James Everett Lewis, Licensed Real Estate Broker at: (212)-729-7095, or via email: James@PrimePropertyNYC.com. PRIME specializes in Owner and Renter/Buyer Representation, and currently represents over 30 buildings exclusively. Feel free to contact James for a consultation on the rental process in NYC, or simply to view one of his many impressive Exclusive Listings.

James Everett Covers: West Village, West Side, West Side, Upper West Side, Seventh Avenue, Morningside Heights, Midtown, Little Italy, Greenwich Village, Downtown, Clinton, Chelsea, Polytechnic Institute of New York University, New York University, New York Institute of Technology Manhattan Campus, Manhattan College, Fashion Institute of Technology, CUNY New York City College of Technology, New York City, NY

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