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At Boveri Realty Group, we strive to provide our clients with the ultimate space that fits their needs. For leasing and sales, residential and commercial, from the River Market to the Plaza and beyond, Boveri Realty Group knows the answers and has a knack for matching buyers and tenants with their ideal urban setting. Christina Boveri’s passion for Kansas City is how Boveri Realty Group came to be. Bringing people downtown to help start the revitalization efforts was her goal. She saw the need to promote and paint pictures for clients of what our city could be. She decided their needed to be a very niche firm which was completely focused and passionate of the development efforts in Kansas City. With this energy came the formation of Boveri Realty Group. Boveri Realty Group has succeeded in building a name synonymous with Kansas City’s monumental urban revitalization and expansion efforts. Our agents are intimately involved with all aspects of our urban core, with a focus on condos, lofts and townhomes – for sale and for lease. As well as a budding Commercial division focusing, on Retail, Multi-family, Office, and Industrial. Our team provides a unique blend of professionalism, knowledge, honesty and sincere enthusiasm. We have fun and our proud of the relationships we have created in our city. Often referred to as a “boutique” firm, Boveri Realty Group is committed to educating our clients on the urban core, setting us apart from our competitors. With over half of our clients coming from outside the Kansas City area, Boveri Realty Group has implemented an Ambassadorship program. Our agents work closely with clients, spending the time to show and educate them on the various districts of the urban core and what each district has to offer.

Contact Us by calling (816) 333-4040 or (816) 333-4545, visit our website ( or e-mail us at If you are an Owner looking to lease your commercial/residential space we offer non-exclusive contracts to find an ideal candidate for your space. If you are an individual looking for a commercial/residential space to lease we help you find your ideal space. We also work with commercial/residential buyers & sellers

Boveri Covers: Westwood, Westside North, West Waldo, West Plaza, Ward Parkway, Union Hill, South Hyde Park, Plaza Westport, Central Business District Downtown, Armour Hills, Westwood, KS, Shawnee, KS, Prairie Village, KS, Overland Park, KS, Mission, KS, Merriam, KS, Leawood, KS, Kansas City, MO, Kansas City, KS

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