Average Rental Rates near Denver Seminary

This graph shows the average rents with 10 miles of Denver Seminary. Since it’s not uncommon to find a variety of apartment rentals in college towns, knowing the most up-to-date information about rates from current listings in December can help you during your search for a place to live at Denver Seminary in Littleton, Colorado. If you plan on heading to DS, then you’ll want to check out what it costs on average to rent in that specific area of CO. The following rental rate data was compiled using 7218 listings posted this month in that community. At Denver Seminary, a studio apartment will on average cost you about $1,268. A one bedroom apartment on average can run about $1,255. In this college community, an apartment with two bedrooms on average will cost $1,623. The average price for a three bedroom rental is $2,181.


Average Rental Rates for Cities Near Denver Seminary in CO

While looking for rentals at Denver Seminary in Littleton, Colorado, you also might want to check out current listings from nearby cities that were posted in December as a way to broaden your search. The average price of an apartment that’s close to DS may be less expensive instead of a place that’s directly located in Littleton, CO. At Denver Seminary, a two bedroom rental in Littleton, Co will on average cost $1,560. However, in Centennial, Co, you can spend on average about $1,726 for a two bedroom apartment. Another possible location for a two bedroom rental is in Englewood, Co, where on average it will cost you $1,478. The communities of Morrison, Co and Denver, Co also are nearby and two bedroom rentals in each are on average $1,421 and $1,682, respectively. Sedalia, Co is another neighboring community, which on average has two bedroom rentals for $2,950. Another alternative are the two bedroom apartments in Wheat Ridge, Co, which on average go for $938. In Aurora, Co, the average price of a two bedroom rental is $1,386.


Rental History and Trends at Denver Seminary in CO

The historical background regarding the average rate for rentals from July to December at Denver Seminary in Littleton, Colorado, can help a potential renter to better understand possible changes to the cost of renting during that timeframe. This data currently is reflected in rental statistics as of December. The averages were compiled and generated using 19344 listings in Littleton that were posted in relation to DS over the last six months. In July, the average rental rate was about $1,643. Subsequently, the average rental price in August was $1,685. In the following month – September – rental rates were on average $1,661. After that, the average cost to rent in October was $1,635. Lastly, the average rental rates for apartments in November were $1,626, while average rates for December were about $1,623.