Average Rental Rates in Palmer, MA

In order to provide you with the most relevant information during your apartment search in Palmer, Massachusetts, the following summary offers up-to-date statistics regarding average rental rates as of August. These averages were generated using 6 applicable apartment listings that were posted throughout this month in Palmer. Average rent for a three bedroom apartment is $1,900.


Average Rents for Locations Near Palmer, MA

If you’re a potential renter who enjoys everything that Palmer, Massachusetts, has to offer, but would rather find a place to rent that’s outside the city, then you’ll want to know the August average rental rates of listings near Palmer. You can get a better idea of what it costs to rent two bedroom apartments in nearby communities by looking at the average rental rates of those locations. In Three Rivers, Ma, a two bedroom rental will on average cost $1,100. Maybe you’d rather live in Wilbraham, Ma, where the average price of a two bedroom apartment costs $2,500. Brimfield, Ma is another alternative. The average price of a two bedroom rental in Brimfield, Ma is $1,450. In Ware, Ma, the average price of a two bedroom rental runs $801. The neighboring community of Ludlow, Ma has an average rental price of $950 for a two bedroom rental. Also nearby is Belchertown, Ma. The average cost of a two bedroom rental property in Belchertown, Ma is $1,200. Another potential option is West Brookfield, Ma, where a two bedroom rental has an average cost of $650. You can also try Holland, Ma. The average price of a two bedroom apartment in Holland, Ma is $1,000.


Palmer, MA, Rental History and Trends

We're sorry but we do not have enough data for Palmer, Massachusetts to generate statistics about rental trends.