Average Rental Rates in Palmer, MA

In order to provide you with the most relevant information during your apartment search in Palmer, Massachusetts, the following summary offers up-to-date statistics regarding average rental rates as of June. These averages were generated using 30 applicable apartment listings that were posted throughout this month in Palmer. A one bedroom apartment has an average list price of $775. If you’re interested in an apartment with several rooms in Palmer, then, on average, a two bedroom rental will cost you $912. Average rent for a three bedroom apartment is $1,025.


Average Rents for Locations Near Palmer, MA

If you’re a potential renter who enjoys everything that Palmer, Massachusetts, has to offer, but would rather find a place to rent that’s outside the city, then you’ll want to know the June average rental rates of listings near Palmer. You can get a better idea of what it costs to rent two bedroom apartments in nearby communities by looking at the average rental rates of those locations. In Palmer, Ma, a two bedroom rental will on average cost $912. Maybe you’d rather live in Three Rivers, Ma, where the average price of a two bedroom apartment costs $850. Wilbraham, Ma is another alternative. The average price of a two bedroom rental in Wilbraham, Ma is $1,233. In Brimfield, Ma, the average price of a two bedroom rental runs $1,450. The neighboring community of Ware, Ma has an average rental price of $817 for a two bedroom rental. Also nearby is Belchertown, Ma. The average cost of a two bedroom rental property in Belchertown, Ma is $1,195. Another potential option is West Brookfield, Ma, where a two bedroom rental has an average cost of $1,025. You can also try East Longmeadow, Ma. The average price of a two bedroom apartment in East Longmeadow, Ma is $4,505.


Palmer, MA, Rental History and Trends

According to rental history data, as of June, any changes to the average rental rates for Palmer, Massachusetts, from January to June is reflected in the following averages. These average rates were generated using 114 apartment listings that were posted throughout the past six months in Palmer. By having knowledge about cost changes over time and other trends could prove helpful during your search for the perfect property. The average rental rate in January was $862, as compared to one-month later during February, which was $954. In March, the average rental rate was $831 while in April the average rental price was $1,137. Most recently, in May and June, the average rental prices were $1,137 and $912, respectively.