Hi, my name is Joshua .I am a veteran ...

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  • jkellis08
    2+ weeks old

    Hi, my name is Joshua. I am a veteran of the USMC and I am moving from Huntington Beach, CA to Seattle to attend the Divers Institute of Technology. I am looking for a cheap place that I can rent out while I am in school. The school is 7 months long so I really don't want to open up a new year least. I still pay rent back in CA so I am low on the money side. I get paid to go to school from the government and I have financial aid as well.

    If anyone can help me find a place that would be greatly appreciated!

    • Jonlyn Paoletti
      2+ weeks old


      I did some looking around, and I think your best bet may be the Hillcrest Apartments (206-965-9852) in west Seattle. It costs about $975/month for a 1 bedroom there, but they are listed as potentially making Short Term rental agreements.

      There are more inexpensive apartments also, but I am not sure if they are willing to sign less than 1 year contracts, but they're worth a shot! A studio at the Clearwater Apartments (888-470-5491) is about $850/month, and a 1 bedroom at the Willow Court Apartments (866-951-4929) is $850/month as well.

      Good luck!