I am looking for three properties. 1) ...

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  • expo2015italia
    2+ weeks old

    Aloha my friends, I am looking for three properties.

    1) Music & video recording studio built in property. I don't mind being the sole renter or just renting two rooms in it. Must have a parking space and plenty of safe storage for equipment. There is no maximum for this rental. This is a corporate rental agreement.
    2) Water front property with min of 5 bedrooms and 5+ bathrooms. Better if 6 bathrooms. Discrete neighborhood. Will be willing to rent with the interest to buy.
    3) Ocean or bay view property near a marina where a 140 feet sailboat can be docked. If there is another Google Ap that is a better fit to look for such properties, please let me know.

    • emdavid
      2+ weeks old


      I hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm not sure how much I can help you!

      For a property with a music & video recording studio already built into it, it would be in the category of Furnished Apartments, but you would be hard-pressed to find an apartment search engine that could seek specifically recording studios within apartments. I think your best bet is to look through private listings on other sites for rentals in this sort of price range.

      Again, for a property in San Francisco with 5+ bedrooms and 5+ bathrooms, you are looking at a LOT of money on a private property, not something that would be offered in an apartment complex or condominium. All five bedroom properties that I can find usually have only 3 or 4 bathrooms, so you may need to be willing to compromise on that. Again however, for a home of this size and value, you will not find it on an apartment listings website, and would be better off searching for Waterfront Real Estate in Houses for Sale listings.

      Again, I am not sure how to help you here. I wish I knew of a search engine that could toggle this much information, but there just isn't one yet!

      Sorry I couldn't be more help, and I truly do wish you luck on your quest! Maybe someone will see this and be able to help you more!