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  • yelena
    2+ weeks old

    I need assistance with the searching the pet friendly apartments/houses in Dublin/Marysville, Ohio area with no breed restrictions for dogs. I have a 2 year old german shepherd. Thank you!

    • Trista E.
      2+ weeks old

      Hello Yolena,

      Of all of the pet-friendly apartments in Dublin and Marysville, I found one option for you:

      Residences at Scioto Crossing. (614) 467-4565 | 3900 Suffolk Dr. Dublin, OH 43016. They have breed restrictions, but said German Shepard is not one of the breeds they restrict!

      I only search those two towns specifically. If this listing does not work out for you for any reason, let us know some other cities and towns you are interested in, if any, and we'll continue to do what we can to find you and your pal a new home.

      Trista Eldridge

      • ureachlena
        2+ weeks old

        Thank you, Trista, so much. I called them and they DO accept German Shepard and they do have available apartments. Thank you so much! We were so frustrated with breed restrictions almost in each apartment complex in Ohio.
        Thank you again for your help!