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  • j2013
    2+ weeks old

    Hello, I am a graduate student at Adelphi University and I am looking for an apartment in the Adelphi University area. What Real Estate agent in this area can help me to find an apartment? Thank you.

    • mcatfrey
      2+ weeks old


      I'm not a real estate agent but I did some research to see if I could help you. Adelphi University does have dorms on campus, but it seems you've decided to choose your own location. I'm not sure what your price range is, but apartments are pretty expensive in Garden City. The Avalon City Apartments are about $2800/month for a one bedroom, and the Stewart Apartments about $2900/month. Nutley, NY is a slightly cheaper place to live- the Hillside Gardens have one-bedrooms for around $1000/month.

      Adelphi has a "eCampus" resource to help students seeking off-campus housing look for places to live and find roommates.

      Good luck!