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  • Claude
    2+ weeks old

    Apartment in Yorkville with a short walk to Central Park. I would like to find an apartment in the Yorkville Hood with a short walk to Central Park. What streets should I focus on when looking for a rental. Also, any tips would be welcome too.
    PS. Not limited to Yorkville, I just like the area.

    • I absolutely understand your desire to be near Central Park. It is one of my favorite places in the city. The streets you want to focus on depend on what you are looking for. Send me an email and I can help. dhollins@kwnyc.com

    • Yorkville is one of the city's most vibrant areas these days. The streets and closeness to Central Park will be depending on the size apartment you are looking for and your budget for that apartment. I would suggest that you contact a broker that is familiar with the area, discuss your needs and parameters and I am sure you will be directed in the right way.

    • It depends on your budget. Keep in mind that the further east you locate the less expensive it will be. In other words, if you are closer to Fifth Avenue you can expect to pay more rent than locating near York Avenue. Yorkville is generally defined as 72nd Street to 96th Street.