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  • princess
    2+ weeks old

    Luxury Apartments in the West Village. I am looking for a luxury apartment, the most luxurious of the luxurious in the West Village. Money isn't an issue. Where would you live if you could rent the best?

    • Are you looking to rent or purchase?

      For rental, there is a $31000 rental of a 2400 sf 3BR 3BA unit that has panoramic view of the Hudson River and the city.

      On the same building, there is a 4600 sf 4BR 4BA for sale at $35,000,000

      Paul Wong
      Keller Williams

    • The entire area of The West Village is beautiful. Luxury usually means lots of ammenities such as doorman, concierge, health club, roof-top deck etc.
      But what does it mean to you? Do you want privacy -- or is a killer skyline view more important? I myself have lived in the West Village on Perry Street a beautiful Tree-lined block of brownstones.
      Feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help you find this palace!

    • Live west of Hudson Street... away from 7th avenue area, they tend to be the more lux apt rentals and better area, where the movie stars live.

    • I've helped many clients with luxury sales and rentals in the West Village (luxury is my team's specialty). However, your question is too vague. I would need to know more, such as how many bedrooms do you need; do you prefer prewar, postwar, or construction after 2000; do you like modern or more traditional. I appreciate that money is no object but everyone has a budget. I can show you apartments for $10,000, $20,000, or $50,000 per month. However, if you would really like your question answered we would need to have a more in-depth discussion.

      Dan Geller
      Geller Group
      Keller Williams NYC
      (646) 737-9665

    • One of the best buildings in the West Village is 299 West 12th. It is a Bing and Bing building with massive layouts and amazing details. Situated right in the middle of Hudson and West 12th across from Abingdon Square, it is the solid pre-war type of apartment that is a typical NYC apartment. Also the Archive, but those rent way faster as it is a rental building and not a co-op like West 12th.

      If you are into more "Modern" then I would say 600 Washington or a sublet in a new construction is the way to go.

      If you are overwhelmed with the plethora of options, I am right on Horatio St if you need a seasoned veteran to guide you home! ;-)

    • There are some really nice apartments at the Perry Street condos. A lot of celebrities live there as well. Let me know if you would like to view some to buy or rent.

    • I would look in the luxury condos - Superior Ink, One Jackson Square, The Gansevoort, 165 Charles St, 166 Perry St, 99 Jane, 173-176 Perry St, 61 Jane, Hudson Blue, 111 Barrow, 122 Greenwich AVe, etc. and see if any owners are renting their places out. I did a quick search and there are a few great apartments available to rent at some of the ones I just mentioned. I would also look at 666 Greenwich (the Archive Building) 100 Jane Street, 110 Horatio St and 600 Washington Street (the Highline)- all luxury rental buildings. Let me know if you need additional help!

    • Your question has two answers. If I wanted the "most luxurious of the luxurious" and price was really "no issue", I wouldn't live in the West Village. The west Village just does not have an abundance of that level of residences. Currently there is a large 9,000 square foot residence available for $75,000 or a full floor apartment at 7,300 square feet for $55,000. There are only 20 currently available two bedroom plus apartments from $10,000 to $75,000 monthly is all of the West Village.