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  • UpperWestwendy
    2+ weeks old

    UWS rentals or leases. I am considering making the jump to the Upper West Side. There is so much to do, great places to eat, and tons of things to see. What can I expect to pay for a 2 bedroom for me and my beau? Any help would be great!

    • Walk-up starts at $2600 and can go up to $8000
      Doorman Elevator starts at $4200, upper limit about the same

    • Hi,
      I live on the upper west and you are correct - there is so much to do! As far as price is concerned, there are many variables such as having a doorman, or a killer view - if you are willing to do a walk-up you will pay much less than a newer doorman building with loads of ammenities. Prices start around $1400 for a studio, $1800 for a one bedroom. Those would be walk-up (no elevator), non-doorman apartments.
      Feel free to contact me & I will help you find a great new home!

    • An upper West side apartments prices will vary on on far up you go. Naturally the quieter areas in the low 100's will get you the best deal. One beds range from $1700-2200 two beds $2500 and up. They get pricer as you approach the 70s.

    • It all depends on what type of building you are looking for such as a pre-war, post-war or new development. Most two beds range from $3,800 and up.

    • The Upper West is a very desirable neighborhood, with lots of shopping and many places to satisfy your palate. UWS offer 2 beds starting at $3,000 and goes very far north from there. If you placed your budget and the upper corners of $4000 you should be okay, with a nice building and good amenities.

    • it depends what area of UWS...west 90's and above will be tad cheaper, west 60's to low 80's is Prime..full service building newly renovated $3K +

    • UWS is very nice area to live however rent is more than other places. Please tell me your rent range and how many bedrooms you are looking for so I can help you better and find your dream apartment sooner.
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    • You would need to be more specific. What type of building do you want, what type of amenities are you lokking for etc.

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    • For a brownstone, assume $3000 entry point for a better location and amount of space. If you are into one bedrooms, around $2500 usually finds you a good sized spot on a nice tree-lined block.

    • On average between $2300-$4000. This price range is for an average 1 Bedroom. Expect to pay closer to 4G for a two bedroom.

    • It depends what location and what kind of apartment/building you are looking for. You can get really cheap 2 bedrooms for around $2200-2400 if you are willing to go up to West 90s-low 100s. Feel free to contact me at your convenience and I will answer all your questions.

    • hello, there are many great buildings in the UWS. For a full-service 24-hour doorman, fitness center, concierge, valet service, roofdeck, tenant's lounge, and gameroom, 2-bedroom will go for $4,295. If you can send me more information regarding your budget and move-in dates, that would be great!

    • Hi Wendy,

      The average two bedroom in the Upper West Side is renting for just over 4k/month right now. This of course isnt to say that there arent units available for less, or for considerably more, but on average all things considered that what you should expect.

      If you would like, take a look at this link http://www.citi-habitats.com/media/pdf/RMA%204-... for a general overview of the rental market in Manhattan.

    • That depends highly on the neighborhood and the size you expect! While I do have 2BRs as low as $2500 (these are "student" apartments), you can generally expect to find gorgeous 2BRs in the low- to mid-$3000 range. I have an office on the Upper West Side and I spend tons of time here, so give me a call if you would like to talk more in depth about your apartment hunt. (646) 538-4351

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    • Heather
      2+ weeks old

      I have a simple answer A LOT. Rents are super expensive in this area. You can expect to spend around 3,000 a month. Hope you have a good job! Most people have roommates to help out with the rent. Good luck with your search!

    • It really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a 2BR in a doorman building the going price for that is a least $3800/month but if you don't need any specific amenities and it's based purely on location then you can get a nice 2BR for as low as $2700. Also you have to keep in mind that the areas on the upper westside not created equal, in the 60s, 70s, 80s are considered prime and more expensive. The 90s and 100s are not bad areas but not as nice either or expensive either.