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    Bounderies of upper East Side? Looking to live in the UES, I am trying to determine what the boundaries are, basically what is the Upper East Side composed of as far as street boundaries are concerned. I NEED to know as my next apartment needs to be in UES b/c I want to be able to tell people I live in the Upper East Side

    • There are 2 definitions:
      General Definition - 59 Street to 96 Street, East River to 5th Ave
      Technical Definition - 59 Street to 110 Street, East River to 5th Ave

      General Definition uses in everyday life.
      Technical Definition uses in computer search, geographic boundary, political boundary

      Most people prefer to live below 96 Street, hence the rent is higher

    • Hi,
      The Upper East Side is bordered by Fifth Avenue (Central Park) on the West and the East River to the East. 59th Street to the South and 96th Street to the North. There are mini-neighborhoods within these boundries. The good news is that the prices are actually better on the Upper East Side than many other parts of the city! Let me know if I can help you find your new apartment - my office is in the Carnegie Hill area of the Upper East Side (-:

    • The Upper East Side lies within an area bounded by 59th Street to 96th Street, and the East River to Fifth Avenue-Central Park. Now, strictly speaking, Yorkville is separate from the UES. Yorkville runs from the East River to Third Avenue,and 96th Street down to 72nd Street. Hope this helps!

    • The Upper East Side is a neighborhood in Manhattan stretching from Central Park to the East River. The Upper East Side lies within an area bounded by 59th Street to 96th Street.

    • The Upper East Side is generally considered the area from 59th Street to 96th Street, York Avenue to Fifth Avenue (East River to Central Park). For the record, there are much more chic and impressive places to live in New York.

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    • Um, the Upper East Side is divided into many smaller areas. I guess for your concerns, it ends at 96th Street which is a smaller enclave known as Yorkville.

    • The Upper East Side is basically from 60th Street - 99th Street, from the river to 5th Avenue. There are also some sub-neighborhoods such as Carnegie Hill, Yorkville, etc... Let me know when you are ready to move and I would love to show you some awesome apts!

    • hello, I can find you a great apartment in the UES that can fit your budgets. I have apartments starting at $1,500 to $3,000+ for full service luxury buildings in UES that have doorman, concierge, fitness center, and valet service. are you still interested? what is you rmove-in date and the maximum budget? thanks

    • Hi UESnob,

      While I personally consider the UES to run from 59th St., to 96th St., and from 5th Avenue (Central Park) to the East River, many now consider the neighborhood to have expanded to 110th St. (the northern edge of Central Park.) It's ironic that you would call yourself a snob, as the UES has surely become one of the most affordable neighborhoods in New York City.

    • The UES is considered to go from 63rd st (or from 5th ave at 60th St and Central Park depending on which side you are looking at) up to 100th St and from 5th Ave. to York Ave. Within the UES you have various names Yorkville, Carnegie Hill, Gracie and such.

    • the upper east side in my opinion is above 60th street up to 90th street. Above 90th is Carnegie Hill. Anywhere from 5th avenue to the East River. However, the Upper East side is divided into smaller neighborhoods (the area around York, for instance) so if you look on a map things may appear differently. The "traditional" Upper East side, again - this is just my opinion! - is usually from 60th street up to 89th street from 3rd avenue to Fifth Avenue. Hope that helps.

    • The Bounderies of the Upper Eastside from North to South is E 96th St to E 59th St and from East to West is East End Ave to 5th Ave. Please keep in mind that there are sub neighborhoods like Carnegie Hill, Lennox Hill and Yorkville, all three are on the Upper Eastside.

    • Technically, the Upper East Side runs from 59th St. all the way to 96th St., anywhere East of Central Park.

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