Hello,whats the min. lease of your ...

Soho ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakHello,whats the min. lease of your apartmnts.Thanks,Eva

  • eva81
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    Whats the min. lease of your apartmnts.

    • Definitions:
      Long Term Lease - Minimum 1 year, seldom go more than 2 years
      Short Term Lease - Minimum 1 month

    • It depends on the apartment, the landlord, and the building. The standard lease in Manhattan or New York boroughs is 1 year. However many landlords are flexible and might do shorter-term leases. If you are looking for a very short term lease I would try subletting from an existing tenant or googling "short term NYC rentals" and seeing what you can find.

    • There are all types of leases available for a renter, if you are only going to be in town for a short period of time those types of leases are available, which are month to month. There is also the availability of long term leases which are typically year to year. For an even more tailored leases that may depend on the landlord and their specific availabilities. We have various types of listings and would be glad to help.

    • Do you mean in terms of price or length of lease term?

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    • Generally the minimum lease is one year. But I do know some landlords that allow short term leases. Feel free to contact me at your convenience to discuss.

    • hello, leases can start at $1500+ for full-service luxury buildings that include doorman, fitness center, concierge, etc. Please send me more info regarding your budget and move-in dates! thank you

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      There are 100s of apartments listed here for the SOHO area. Is there a particular one you are inquiring about? Most leases in general run from 6-12 months.

      Let me know.

    • Hi Eva,

      Though there is a small percentage of the market that is available for what we would call "short-term" leases, and then within that segment you have a further segmentation of furnished and unfurnished units, the vast majority of apartments in New York City are rented for multiples of 12 months with 1 year being the most common lease term.