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  • AlliePerch
    2+ weeks old

    Wow, the rental in Murray Hill is out of this world. On average: 2300 for a studio, 3300 for a one bedroom and 4500 for a two bedroom? Is this correct? What's going on in Murray Hill that people will actually pay this to live here?

    • You're probably quoting the prices for something in a doorman bldg. Those prices are actually higher in other areas further downtown. Rental prices are currently the highest in the past 14 years.

    • Hi,
      This is actually the average price for a NYC apartment. You can check it out for yourself:
      Good luck on your search. Let me know if I can be of service.

    • Murray Hill has some inflated maintenances or Common Cahrges/Taxes associated with co-op and condominium buildings. If the buildings you are looking at are rental only buildings and are modern, the carrying costs associated with those buildings are high relative to the amenities they offer.

    • The vacancy rate in the city overall is quite low. Most any area downtown is seeing that average for a doorman building at this time. It has been that way for years and continues to stay around those points.

    • yes, that information is correct. Would you be willing to live in another district such as Battery Park, lower east side?

    • Unfortunately nothing! I live in Murray Hill and it's not my favorite neighborhood so I'm always surprised to see the rents so high. However this year the rental market has absolutely exploded and rents have gone up considerably (some of my friends have had their rents increased by $500-$800!) . Those prices sound about right for the average rental in Murray Hill if the place has a doorman. With no doorman and a walk-up (no elevator) building you might find slightly more inexpensive apartments in the area. Hope that helps!

    • The rental prices have gone up in every neighborhood across the board. With less than 1% vacancy, landlords are increasing prices because they know that someone will rent them at that price.