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  • highexpectations
    2+ weeks old

    What should I expect apartment wise in G Vill for 5k a month? How much apartment can I get for around 5 thousand a month in Greenwich Village in NY? My expectations are high as this seems like a lot of money. For this price, what would you expect? Wood Floors? View? Bell Man?

    • For $5000 a month, you are stuck in between because for around $4500, you can get a 1 bedroom but 2 bedroom for around $5500. So it all depends you need a 1 or 2 bedroom. Yes, you get Doorman and Wood Floors. Views are "depend" because it is very subjective to individuals but generally speaking, you do know that the higher floor you go, the more you have to pay

    • It depends on how many bedrooms you need and the type of the building you're seeking. If you're getting a 1 bedroom then you can get a nicely renovated apartment. If it's a 2 bedroom it would be on the smaller end. Rental prices are currently the highest in the past 14 years. Can I assist you with your search?

    • Hi,
      You can expect a doorman (I think that's what you mean by 'bell man') if you only need a one bedroom. Anything larger at $5,000 per month will most likely be a walk-up - non-doorman building. Feel free to contact me if you would like me to help you find your new home.

    • Hi Highexpectations,

      You can definitely get an amazing 1 bedroom for your 5K within one of the most desired neighborhoods in Manhattan - you might be lucky to find this in a full-serviced luxury rental but you will definitely be able to find it in one of the beautiful and elegant pre-war buildings that feature original details,high ceilings, a wood-burning fireplace, hardwood floors and maybe even a balcony, terrace, garden or roof access. some of the buildings are full-service buildings also. With the money you can spend - you can definitely set you expectations high (for a 1 bedroom that is! Good luck!

    • In Greenwich Village in a doorman building you can expect a very respectable 1 - 2 bedroom apartment. You also have the option of renting an apartment in a townhouse, which can be quite nice. A good broker will be able to find you the right apartment for your wants and needs.

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    • In my favorite building in this area, a 900sf one bedroom just rented a week ago for $5250. It was a pre-war Bing and Bing building with a doorman and support staff. High floor with river views and loads of charm like a sunken living room and exposed beams.

      The Village (Greenwich and West) are the more in demand and as such, expensive areas in the whole city. There are some buildings where you are getting a one bedroom duplex loft for $5995 around 1000sf on Sixth Ave or Greenwich Ave.

      Yes to wood floors, yes to a view (likely city but occasional some river) Bell man possible. It truly depends on what you are focusing on, the amenities/quality, space, location or price no matter what the budget is in NYC rentals.

    • It depends on the type of apartment/building. You might be able to get a 3 bedroom in certain buildings, where in others you can maybe only get a 1 bedroom. I live and work in the area, feel free to contact me at your convenience and I will be happy to answer any further questions.

    • Greenwich Village is one of those areas that have a limited amount of apartments with high demand. A $5,000 budget should get you a medium size two bedroom with wood floors, renovated kitchen & baths, and a doorman. The Village is not know for its views, so do not expect too much in that category. The aura of living in the Village will cost you some money too.

    • You can get a VERY nice 2BR in the Village for this price, or an okay 3BR. Doormen are rare in this part of town, as many of the buildings are pre-war and not designed with luxury amenities in mind. I have several gorgeous apartments in the neighborhood available to look at. Give me a call and we can talk more in depth about your apartment hunt. (646) 538-4351

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    • It depends how many bedrooms you want and the square footage. However for $5000 a month you should be able to get a nice 2 bedroom renovated apartment with hardwood floors, a full-service (doorman) building, with at least 1000 sq. ft.

      There aren't really many "view" apartments in Greenwich Village as you won't get water views being in the middle of the city.