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  • GrandmaConsideringGramercy
    2+ weeks old

    Gramercy Park Neighborhood: Still The Quiet Place I Remember? It's been 20 years since I live in the area and I will always remember Garmercy as being quiet, cozy and so unlike surrounding sections of the city. I am considering moving back to the city soon and my question is, is this still the old Gramercy I knew and fell in love with?

    • Yes, it is still quiet surrounding Gramercy Park. The city of NY made it a historical landmark district.

    • Hi,
      The area directly around the park will bring back happy memories, it has not changed much except for the new hotels that are pretty low-key. The new hot area known as "Flatiron" has come up since you've been here so you will enjoy trendy bars and restaurants near-by. Please let me know if I can assist you in finding your New York home.

    • Yes it is :) Gramercy is still one of my favorite neighborhoods in all of Manhattan! Gramercy is unique in this City and represents the only neighborhood, which has remained comparatively unchanged for over eighty years -- the Park is one of the City's Landmarks and apartments in the neighborhood around Gramercy Park have experienced little turmoil. I am confident you will be able to pick up where you left off

    • Gramercy is absolutely the place you remember it as. Imagine spending time in secluded and private Gramercy Park (Julia Roberts lives in an apartment overlooking the park. I've helped many buyers and renters locate to Gramercy and it is the loveliest area in Manhattan with a charm and intimacy that can't be matched.

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    • Yes it is still that way indeed. Do realize that the city has become a lot more saturated than 20 years ago with a lot more young people with disposable income.

    • 20 years in Manhattan is a lifetime, or two, in most other cities. Everything has changed and continues to change. Let me know when you decide to move and I would love to give you a tour of the different neighborhoods.

    • To answer your question simply, YES. Gramercy Park is still one of the loveliest neighborhoods in the entire city. In fact, it is like a quiet refuge from the city but without leaving the city. Come on back, it is still the place that you remember.

    • BikeNYC2k
      2+ weeks old

      Everything changes with time, but Gramercy is, in my opinion, the nicest place to call home in New York City. Life in any city neighborhood has always been faster paced than the surrounding suburbs, but I think you'll find that the core of the area remains much the same as it was when you were there, assuming that's what you're looking for.

    • Gramercy has gotten considerably more popular among young people so it's a little less quiet, and with the opening of the Gramercy Park Hotel on the corner of Gramercy Park South, that draws more people into the neighborhood for the hotel's restaurant and bars. However, the area right around Gramercy Park (Gramercy Park South, North East and West) and Irving Place remain very quiet, cozy and peaceful. It's just once you get to 3rd avenue that you lose that "oasis in the city" feeling. Hope that helps!