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    Does 3500 for a 2 bedroom sound about right? Does 3500 for a 2 bedroom sound about right for an apartment in the East Village? The place is really nice, well maintained, has a doorman, basically all of the amenities one might want. Being my first time renting in NYC, I want to ensure this seems fair.

    • That's right, you can even get a 3 bedroom (of course those are what I call a Super Deal). Some 2 BR Super Deals also have doormen. The problem with Super Deals is that you have to be really quick. First, you'll have to have all the documentation scanned with your broker. When he/she calls, you have to be there within 30 mins and pull the trigger.

    • yes it it a full service building? if not it should have be good size and recent renovations.

    • Hi. You asked for a doorman building and nicely maintained with a lot of amenities $3800 and up would be the right amount in East Village. I can help you find your desired apartment please call me 347 909 0816.

    • Yes, for this area the lowest point of entry is $2500 realistically. $3500 will get you a better location and quality in addition to space overall.

    • It depends what cross street you are at. If you are far east around Ave C or D, there are cheaper apts. If you are around 2nd or 3rd Ave, then its a pretty good deal. Give me a call if you want any other advice.

    • Yes, this is a fair rent for a 2 bedroom in a full-service building, especially downtown. Some of the more luxury condos start at that price for 1 bedrooms!

    • This price is not fair for a true two bedroom with a doorman in the East Village, it is a STEAL. While I do not know what building you are talking about, the price seems very reasonable.