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  • wisegui
    2+ weeks old

    Clinto District and Hells Kitchen Rentals. Basically the same place? Someone said if I was interested in Clinton, I should also try Hells Kitchen as they are basically one and the same. This true?

    • Yes they are identical. Hell's Kitchen was the old name. Because of the bad connotation, it was renamed to Clinton

    • Hell's Kitchen, also known as Clinton and Midtown West, is a neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City located between 34th Street in the south, 59th Street in the north, Eighth Avenue in the east, and the Hudson River to the west.

    • Yes they're pretty much the same. What is it that you're seeking? Perhaps I can assist you with your search in that area.

    • yes & no...Hells Kitchen is further South, so you will run into many tourists that are there for Times Square. Price break is somewhat comparable, so perhaps that's what youir friend meant.

    • Yes... Many people use the terms interchangeably at this point. Runs from about 34th street up to 59th, starting at 8th Avenue and going West to the Hudson.

    • It is basically the same area. But a lot of the time people will refer to the West 40's as Hell's Kitchen and the West 50's as Clinton.

    • Hell's Kitchen and the Special Area for the Preservation of Clinton are one & the same. A look at Wikipedia will explain exactly the parameters on the district.

    • Clinton is the name people/real estate agents/city officials came up with for Hells Kitchen, because the name "Hell's Kitchen" scared people who were new to New York! They just wanted to make the area sound more appealing so the name was changed to Clinton. It is one and the same.

    • Yes, Clinton and Hells Kitchen are the same neighborhood. Hell's kitchen was originally a nick name for Clinton but nowadays many people think that Hell's kitchen is the neighborhood south of 42nd St but if you look up city info it's still called Clinton.

    • The lines that divide the neighborhoods are blurry. Traditionally, Hell's Kitchen runs on the West Side between 34th St. and 42 St., and Clinton extends from 42nd to 59th. This entire neighborhood is also often referred to as Midtown West.

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