ins. adj. husband needs a furnished ...

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  • sheryl crowe
    2+ weeks old

    Husband needs a furnished rental starting today thru next month... Rent up to 1500 per month. I Prefer lower the Garden District.

    • Geneva Tyler
      2+ weeks old

      Hello Sheryl,

      I think I found something that may work for you.
      Chestnut Creek Apartments (504) 264-9539 has furnished home and advertises leases as flexible, where most list at least 3 months. It is located at 1921 Oak Creek Rd, in the River Ridge area. 1 bedroom apartments rent for $850/month, and require a $300 deposit.

      Most monthly rentals were around $2,500/month, and many are reserved for this coming month.
      If this location doesn't work for you, feel free to ask again, and I will respond (in a much more timely manner, my apologies) with whatever information I can. Or, you can search Lower Garden District on MAM, and in the 'show advanced options' area, select 'Furnished' and 'Short Term'. You can set the radius and price ranges using the slide bars at the top s well.

      I really hope you find something, I know it's crunch time.
      Good luck!