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  • Henry Mok
    2+ weeks old

    Looking for a 2 bedroom apartment for 3 months, starting May 18. Preferably near Santa Monica College.

    • Quinnie
      2+ weeks old

      Hello- The hardest part for me right now is not finding a 2bed apartment near SMC, but finding a 2bed apartment near SMC that allows shorter leases, i.e. 3 months. All of the listings for the Mar Vista neighborhood/SMC area 2 bedrooms did not specify what lease lengths they required, so unfortunately you'll have to call and ask.

      You also did not specify a price range, so I'll just list the apartments closest to SMC. A 2 bed 2 bath cottage for $7750/month (ouch! to be fair, it's a vacation home) is available at 310 399 6425. Another 2 bed 2 bath home is $4,200/month, with a 2 car garage. It's also a vacation home. In fact, Most of the "short-term" lease rentals in Santa Monica are for vacation homes! Is it possible you'd consider a longer lease?

      A 2 bed 1 bath on Oak St is $2,400/month (310-869-7901), and a 2 bed 2 bath on 9th & Broadway is $1250/month, though its a 2 month rental beginning around June 1st, and you'd have a male roommate...

      I'd suggest you give craigslist a shot, and see if Santa Monica College has any apartments on campus, or if SMC offers a roommate finder service for its students. Santa Monica, as you can see, is an extremely expensive place to live.