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  • Dianne Gallant
    2+ weeks old

    Returning to Waikiki. Excellent references, 1 female, nonsmoker, no pets, studio, semi-retired R.N. 2 yr. lease /800mo. call 1-434-755-1272

    • Terry Boloney
      2+ weeks old

      Aloha Dianne,

      Unfortunately I was unable to find anything that matches your inquiry exactly. Two complexes in Waikiki that offer studios under $800 monthly are for students only. However, I expanded the search to include 5 miles surrounding Waikiki and found a few options, but none under $800.

      I recommend searching our site, so you can play around with location and pricing and check out pictures to see what might be worth a little extra, or not.

      Search Waikiki, set the bedrooms range slide bar to 0-1, and set the price range to $800, or $900 for more options. We update our listings regularly, so checking there will be more time efficient for you than asking us again, although we are always happy to help.

      Sorry I can't give you a better answer at this time, hopefully something comes up soon!
      Terry Boloney