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  • MarquisonCedarSpringsResident
    2+ weeks old

    Things to do/Place to drink near Marquis on Cedar Springs. Hey guys, just moved to Marquis on Cedar Springs last month. I am interested in bars or places I might be able to hit up at night that are withink walking distance of my 'plex. I don't have access to transporation.

    • pubcrawler
      2+ weeks old

      Here's a map with all of the bars in your area...the blue dot is your complex:

      Hopefully this helps. My favorite is Frankie's Sports Bar. There are always a million people there and it's a great place to watch the game and then drink after. I always walk home from there and it's very safe. I've only seen one altercation there and it was between two airheads, it wasn't a big deal. People are generally very friendly and there are a lot of young people. Always a great time.