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  • MomInUptown
    2+ weeks old

    Uptown Chi Town. Going to be doing my residency at Chicago Lakeshore Hospital come Fall. My dilemma is my son and which elementary school to attend. I have narrowed my choices down to three:
    # Goudy Elementary School
    # Our Lady of Lourdes Elementary School
    # Stewart Elementary School

    The only issue I have now is transportation. We rely on public transit to travel the city from our apartment and with me working @ CLH, I will need to enroll him at a school that is close to work. Anyone have any idea on which of my 3 listed above is closest?

    • Jenna5
      2+ weeks old

      They are all very close to Chicago Lakeshore Hospital. Our Lady of Lourdes is a private catholic school, so it might be too late to enroll. Plus it's about 5 min from CLH. Stewart and Goudy are about 3 min from CLH, but Stewart is better for Public Transportation. Hope this helps!