Do people use the beaches here?

Near North Side ApartmentsbreakCommunity ForumbreakDo people use the beaches here?

  • Jamal3234
    2+ weeks old

    Do people use the beaches here? We're moving from Texas and would love to live near the beach. I've seen pictures online but I can't imagine the beach being that nice so close to major roads and downtown Chicago. Are the beaches nice or is it just like a bunch of homeless people sleeping on them?

    • LifesNotABeach
      2+ weeks old

      Yes, people use the beaches in the Northside of Chitown.Oak Street Beach and Ohio St Beaches are both easy to get to and kept very clean. As for the homeless sleeping on these beaches, I wouldn't concern yourself with anything like this as the police tend to monitor the area pretty well.

    • 2+ weeks old

      The beaches are beautiful and people use them everyday. Whether it be North Ave. beach, Oak St. beach, or Montrose beach, or any of the great beaches that line the shores of Lake Michigan. Call me at 773. 340. 1523 and we can discuss where to live in depth.