Lake View, Does It Live Up to Its Name?

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  • answemenow
    2+ weeks old

    Lake View, Does It Live Up to Its Name? I would love to live in a place that has a lake view. I am wondering if Lake View, CHI IL is named Lake View because of it's lake views. Goodness, that last sentence had a lot of lake views in it. I know some cities have names that don't exactly fit, this is why I ask.

    • Sharon
      2+ weeks old

      Lake View is located on Lake Michigan. So yes parts of the town do have a nice lake view. If you are looking for a lake view apartment you should plan on spending a little more money then one that doesn't have a lake view.

    • 2+ weeks old

      Depending on how much you're willing to spend you can definitely get a view of the lake. Obviously the closer to Lake Shore Drive the higher the prices but the better the view. However Lake View is basically right on the lake. Hence the name Lake View, where as Lincoln Park is right on Lincoln Park and the Gold Coast is called that for obvious reasons.