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  • Nicole W
    2+ weeks old

    Relocating to the area... need something small, close to Brookline , with public transit available.

    • George Glass
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Nicole,

      There are several options available to you. Some are:
      Carlyle House Apartments in Revere ($850/month studios)
      Georgetown Homes in West Roxbury ($820/month for one bedroom)
      Hyde Park ($950/month for one bedroom)

      All of these listings and many more are shown on our site and can be found at by searching Brookline, leaving the distance slide bar at 15 miles, and adjusting the price bar to your requirements.

      I realize I'm just telling you how to answer your own question, and I apologize, but many Boston neighborhoods and surrounding cities are accessible on the MBTA subway system. If you can narrow it down to a few, and maybe provide a price budget, and anything else you require, I would be happy to help you further to find a perfect place near Brookline.

      Enjoy your move!