Is Buckhead good for starting a family?

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  • JackNJane09
    2+ weeks old

    Is Buckhead good for starting a family? My wife and I got married two years ago and we're looking to start a family soon. We currently rent a house about an hour outside of Atlanta but we've been looking at renting closer to downtown to make our daily commutes shorter. Buckhead seems to have good access and amenities, but we're most concerned about schooling. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

    • NotfromATL
      2+ weeks old

      While I am not from Buckhead, I have visited here on numerous occasions. The neighborhood is super easy to get to, centrally located and very clean compared to some sections of ATL. One thing I would be concerned with is the nightlife, this place can get pretty rowdy at times, a few shooting in recent years. As you know, ATL schools in general have been getting a pretty bad rap as of late, and I don't have any kids, so someone else is going to have to answer that aspect of your question.

    • Grits lover
      2+ weeks old

      Buckhead is a great place to start a family. There are a lot of private and public schools in the area, ya'll won't be disappointed. There are also two hospitals in the area and access to highways. What's really great is that Buckhead residents and government officials have been trying to reduce crime. So ya'll should really come join us!