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  • orcheda
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking for an apartment near UT Dallas that is safe and close to bus services

    • 22dallas
      2+ weeks old

      Hi! I did some searching and found a few options for you that are near the University, and within a 10 minute walk of DART buses.

      Not even 30 seconds from Post Eastside are DART buses. A one bedroom at Post Eastside starts at $910/month.

      A plethora of apartments are along McCallum Blvd, which is lined with DART buses. The most inexpensive is Chatham Court - Reflections (877-635-9789), where a one bedroom starts at $495/month. The next is McCallum Crossing (877-344-8556) , which starts at $499 for a one bedroom. Another option in this area are the Ashwood Park Apartment Homes (866-559-1432) where one-bedrooms start at $579.

      You may also consider the Villas at Monterey, a 2 minute walk from DART bus stops. One bedrooms start at and you can contact them via this link.

      A little further out, the Madison at Monroe is 8 minutes away from the bus stop on N Collins Blvd. A one bedroom starts at $902/month. Their phone number is (972) 638-8126.

      I hope I've helped you!

      • Avikaran Singh Bedi
        2+ weeks old

        Hey Can you throw some more light on Villas at Monterey ?

      • sriharshakaushik.chakka
        2+ weeks old

        In the reviews seen about Villas at Monterey are bad, Are they that bad. Can you give a little more info