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  • mak
    2+ weeks old

    I am looking for a roommate that would like to share an apartment. I am waiting to rent until I can find a roommate, so please let me know if you are interested.

    • Syed
      2+ weeks old

      I am looking for a room with private bath at a walking distance from HCC West Loop campus. Let me know if you are interested.
      Email me at reverseswing2006@hotmail.com

    • Aaron_S32
      2+ weeks old

      This site isn't the best place to be looking for a roommate; it's perfect for finding an apartment but it's tough for two people to meet on here. I would suggest contacting the school and seeing what they suggest, or if they have any programs that can pair you with someone. If not, then perhaps you can give Craigslist a try, or do a Google search for websites that provide roommate service. Sorry I couldn't be of more help, good luck!

    • Paulo Filho
      2+ weeks old

      Hey Mak, My name is Paulo Moacyr Filho, I'm Brazilian and have been living in Thailand for two years. I've been accepted at the Houston Community College, for the Spring 2014. I am moving to the United States on December 15th. I'm also looking for a roommate to share an apartment. If you are interested to share with me, please contact me. My e-mail is pfilho2@hotmail.com