We need an apartment for this fall. ...

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  • Jeanette Gutzman
    2+ weeks old

    We need an apartment for this fall. My son is in need of one room.

    • AdamSav
      2+ weeks old

      The best way to find a one bedroom apartment in your desired location is to use the search criteria next to the search bar. There are going to be a lot of options so you should try to limit your search options by checking off different amenities that your son wants his apartment to have. You can adjust the price range and the range from how far the campus is from the apartment. You can also look at the map setting and see if the places are close to the campus. Good luck with the search! If you are confused about how the search option works, then post on here again and I can try to help you.

    • Mandy Massengale
      2+ weeks old

      We have one bedrooms available!