hi me and three of my buddies will be ...

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  • Za54ck
    2+ weeks old

    Hello, myself and three of my buddies will be going to school out there this fall and we are trying to find an apartment. It can be anything from a 2br or 3br or 4br, it doesn't matter we just need a place.

    • Melissa East
      2+ weeks old

      We have a 3 or a 4 bedroom available for rent. Both properties are very close to Mercyhurst University. Please give me a call. Melissa 814-459-9400 ext 203

    • Churts.St
      2+ weeks old

      The best way to do this is type the name of your school into the search bar and then edit the number of bedrooms you need. You can also edit how far the apartment is from the school or look at the map setting to see how close the apartments are to the campus. If you go to the advanced options you can choose more amenities and you can also change your price range at the top of the search bar. Anyways, you will definitely be able to find a number of places that fit all of your needs.

    • zac
      2+ weeks old

      Check out www.wildrental.com to find homes and apartments near Mercyhurst University.