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  • ann standish
    2+ weeks old

    Do you have a one or two bedroom apartment in Erie, Pa for a LECOM student with a medium sized dog? Would love to hear from you. Thanks, Ann

    • Amy
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Ann,

      It looks like we have several options for you!

      #2- West 21st ST. 10 minutes from LECOM.$345/month + utilities. 2 bedrooms.
      - Liberty ST. 6 minutes from LECOM. $495/month, unsure about utilities. 1 bedroom.
      #20- West 6th ST. 10 minutes from LECOM. $695/month including utilities. 1 bedroom

      All 3 of these apartments have the same contact information. Call (814)881-3507.
      They all allow dogs upon manager's approval, and pending a $250 one time non-refundable fee.
      The numbers (2 and 20), he has asked that you mention them and the street name so he knows which apartments you're referring to.

      If these don't work out, try searching Erie, selecting 'show advanced options' and checking 'allow dogs', while making sure the range is set to 'within city' on top. Or just send another message and I'll be happy to help you again. If you do, please be specific as you were this time. Thanks and good luck!