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  • beckid7
    2+ weeks old

    My daughter is enrolled at Rogue Community College but will be transferring to the nursing program at SOU when she finishes her pre-requirements. She prefers to live in Ashland vs. Medford and moved down there to Ashland in the summer from Portland area. She is all alone and needs a room mate and cheap rent. Any suggestions. Would she be able to live in the SOU housing options? Please help. Broke up with her Boyfriend who goes to SOU and is now all alone there. I would appreciate any help you could give or suggest.

    • Pheobe Falange
      2+ weeks old


      As far as SOU housing, that would need to be done through the university, and is usually included in tuition if requested. It sounds like a good option, but you must speak to them.
      We do have many rentals in Ashland, both inexpensive one and two bedroom apartments. Other users of this website may see your post and offer to rent with her, but I'd recommend putting an ad up sepcifically looking for a roommate, here and on some other sites. Also, I have seen bulletin boards within colleges designed for this sort of ad. So, step 1 if she wants to share rent is to find a potential roommate.
      If it turns out she can afford her own apartment, I recommend searching Southern Oregon University again, moving the Range slide bar to within city, adjusting the Bedrooms slide bar to 0-1, and checking out options and prices. The average one bedroom goes for around $650 in Ashland.

      So, narrow down your search; talk to campus housing directors, your daughter about roommates, and if you decide you need a 1 or 2 bedroom, write back (include when she will need it, how long of a lease she'd like, and a maximum rent figure), and I will be more than happy to help you find a place for her.

      Pheobe Falange