Is the rent given below is for pr ...

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  • gaurangmalviya
    2+ weeks old

    Is the rent displayed below per person or for whole apartment?

    • Patriots04
      2+ weeks old

      The rent listed depends on the ad. You will have to read the listing to see whether it specifies that it is per person, or for the whole apartment. If it neglects to mention roommates or that it is per person, it is safe to assume it is the whole unit's rent.

      That being said, most rent shown does not include most utilities, unless otherwise stated. For example, if you see a listing that reads 1 bedroom - $700/month, this likely means a one bedroom unit for $700 a month PLUS utilities.

      You have posted this question in the OSU main campus page, and not for a specific apartment or complex, so I am not sure which listing you are inquiring about.

      Please let me know if I can help you beyond this.