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  • janice kirschner
    2+ weeks old

    i'm looking for a 2 bedroom apartment on or near UC/ DAAP.
    Where are they located and what is the rent?

    Thank You

    • jimjim87
      2+ weeks old

      Hi Janice! There are many 2 bedrooms available for rent in Cincinnati!

      One mile away from the main campus of UC are the apartments at the Admiral, where a 2 bedroom goes for around $925/month. The number is (513) 898-0963 and they are located at 3433 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati. Also a mile away are the Clifton Sq Apartment Homes, which go for around $810/month. The number is (866) 692-8109 and they are located at 222 Senator Pl. Cincinnati. About 2 miles from the UC campus are the McAlpin Apartments, for less than $750/month for a 2 bedroom. Located at 621 McAlpin Ave. Cincinnati, their number is (877) 487-8053. In general, it's looking like the average rate of a 2 bedroom near UC is about $800/month,

      Hope this helps!