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  • IssacfromI
    2+ weeks old

    International Student Going to Attend Yeshiva University. Hello,
    My name is Issac, I come from Isreal and will be attending Yeshiva in the Winter months. I would like to live on and near campus and my question is, as far as on campus is concerned, do men and women live in the same quarters?

    • GoYeshivagirl
      2+ weeks old

      Welcome to America Issac! If you are living on campus at Yeshiva in a dormitory men and women don't live in the same quarters. But if you live off campus it's not uncommon for men and women to share an apartment together. They typically have their own room though. Hope this helps!

    • Yes, Living in campus is like a multi-family building in the city, each room is like a flat or apartment. Not in the same room if that's what you mean by "quarters". If You will be living a bit off campus, may be I can help.