Where is Central Park?

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  • PigPickin
    2+ weeks old

    Where is Central Park? Hey ya'll! I'm moving to the big apple to go to Teachers College! Where is Central Park? I hear it's really close to school, but where I'm from close means a 15 minute drive. Am I going to need a car to get to central park in between classes?

    • Central Park is about a ten minute walk. Central Park starts at 59th Street and goes as far as 110th Street. The Columbia Campus is located on 116th Street. You have a few long blocks to get there, but you do not need a car or a bus...

    • TCCU_Alum
      2+ weeks old

      You could walk to the park, but a cab would obviously be quicker. I guess it all depends on how much time you have. You could also try Morning Side Park which is a great deal closer to the Teachers College and easily within walking distance.

    • Hello, hi...First New York City (Manhattan) is divided in different areas like Upper East Side, Upper West Side Mid-town east/west etc. Central Park is Large, going from Central Park West Avenue to 5th Avenue on the East side and from North 110th Avenue going south to 59th Street...PLEASE DO NOT GET A CAR. there are plenty of trains and buses, and Taxis to get you around...But walking is always best...you'll enjoy it best. Always here to help, Thanks.