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  • Hunter4
    2+ weeks old

    I am a student at Purchase College and am looking for a studio apartment closeby in the range of $1000 a month or less. I have no pets.

    • dtl94
      2+ weeks old


      Unfortunately, on MyApartmentMap, the only apartment for less than $1000/month I am seeing is about 8 miles away in Tarrytown. I did a little research and it seems as though just about all students live on-campus for all four years of school, because if you choose to live off-campus, the closest locations are about 15-20 minutes away, in White Plains, Port Chester, etc. I am also reading that students often tease those who live off-campus as it signifies they are either a commuter, or forgot to register for housing in time and got stuck living that far away.

      If you're sure you want to live in a studio and not on campus, I don't think you'll be able to find one within ten miles in your price range, unless you try renting a room in someone's home using craigslist, or Uloop

      Sorry I couldn't be more help! Good luck

    • Pearl Fleischmann
      2+ weeks old

      I am renting a house to Purchase College students currently and there is a bedroom that is available. If you are interested please let me know asap.

      • ksinghi007
        2+ weeks old

        @ Pearl Hi I am looking to rent a bedroom for the summer is it still avilable?

      • dasc
        2+ weeks old

        I am interested- is it available?