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  • SeniorYear
    2+ weeks old

    Close to the city, but campus life? I've always wanted to live in the city, but also want a city life type atmosphere. Would Pratt be a good place to go? And if so should I live on campus or off campus?

    • Pratt is maybe a few stops away from Manhattan and living on Campus would be easy. Getting a place is not hard and depending on how you are paying for school it maybe easier to get a place off campus, the rules the time you have to come in, how many people you can have over and how long they can stay, if any of that is important to you than get your own place, if not, live on Campus. The campus is great, the student life is nice and very creative, and when you come you will see most people that attend the school live off campus. Traveling to and from school is easy and the city is an easy commute from the school.

    • FattyfromPratty
      2+ weeks old

      Pratt Institute is a great college for students for crave city life. It is in the middle of BK. Chances are you might be living off campus do to the limited housing Pratt has for it's students. I believe on campus, they can accommodate 1500 or so students, while the student population is almost double that number. Depending on what your financial situation is, I would look into both.

    • 2+ weeks old

      Hello there,

      My sister graduated from Pratt. She was studying architecture. Many Pratt Students get the best of both worlds by finding one or two roommates and finding an apartment off campus but within the Pratt Community. The campus is life is awesome but it tends to be a lot more expensive and adds on your expenses of art materials or books etc.

      If you need any help with anything please don't email me.


      Jessica Filomeno